How to Setup Payment Service Connection

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How can i setup Payment Services connection setup, if i am using Payment method code in Sales invoice, the Demo database 2016 IN is asking for the setup.
I have checked yes in Run inytyzbbzoka05.png
Test mode and Generated->Downloaded ->Uploaded the Key.

But, when i click on Sign up Now, dynamics link page open that i always in non responding state, if there any way, i can skip the setup.?



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    I came to this forum hoping I'll find a solution myself
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    I don't think you can skip the setup. Have you tried a newer version of it? I'm never good with these, therefore I wouldn't want to cause you any more headaches with this, but I suggest you try the newest version. And to check if everything it's compatible with your PC. If you don't succeed, get in touch with some professional agencies such as , at least that's how I do. Or hire a guy that knows this stuff and could help you every time you have a similar issue.
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