How to sent notification in business central?

MarOliMarOli Member Posts: 5
Is there a way to send a notification to a user when his scheduled report finish?
My purpose is to send a dynamic notification to the user who scheduled a report in wherever page he is.

How this notification bar works? Can this be used to diplay a counter and different notifications?

I know the existance of the notification data-type and the record link table but i would like to have something more dynamic and "smartphone-like". Is it possible?


  • irasoelbaksirasoelbaks Netherlands, theMember Posts: 119
    I don't know for sure but maybe the report inbox could help. It generates a record when the report is finished.
  • MarOliMarOli Member Posts: 5
    Yes, i knew this too but i need something to notify the user and not something that the user have to check.
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