Payment Entries Appearing on VAT Exempt Section of VAT Statement Report

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Good Day All,

I have a Business Central Query Regarding Payments Appearing on the VAT Exempt part of the VAT Statement Report:

I've Navigated to VAT Statements on Business central as seen on VAT1.png

And once the VAT Statement Report Opened, I quickly Clicked On Preview as shown on Preview.png

This opened up the VAT Statement in Preview mode.

So I navigated straight to VAT Exempt - Local (Base) which has all the transactions that were Posted without VAT: (VAT EXEMPT Local) I clicked on the blue hyperlink which is the amount of 32 million 261 thousand and 37 cents.

Upon Opening the VAT Exempt Entries:

There are transactions with Document Type:

1. Payment - For all transactions that came in and were posted on Payment Reconciliation Journal.
2. Credit Memo for transactions from Posted Credit Memo
3. ' ' for General Journal Transactions

I have a client who does not want transactions with Document Type "Payment" to appear on the VAT Exempt section of the VAT Statement Report, but these came in on Posted Payment Reconciliation Journals and the document type of posted transactions from Payment Reconciliation Journal is "Payment"

Is there any way to change this on the VAT Statement Report - to satisy her needs or is there no work around for this ?

I am in urgent need of help, Please help me out, the client can be difficult on a happy day any response or help in this regard will help greatly.



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