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Hey, guys.

I am using Web client and it works well.

I want to generate a URL for every Purchase Order.
There is a GETURL function, but the problem is that for some reason the result of this function has 3 problems:

1. It has the 'http', not the 'https' prefix (why?);
2. It has 48900 port number and I have no idea where it coming from;
3. Domain name is also wrong.

Does anybody know what I have to configure to make that values correct?
On IIS everything is set up like i want it to be
(including the port number, domain name and https thing)

But GETURL returns a strange result.
If I manually change the problems above (1..3) in the GETURL result- it works perfectly.

Syntax i am using is:

Please help.

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    SilverX wrote: »
    Please check the Web Client Base URL in the NST configuration.

    thanks. It is in customSettings.config file.

    Added 3 keys:
    <add key="PublicODataBaseUrl" value="URLText" />
    <add key="PublicSOAPBaseUrl" value="URLText" />
    <add key="PublicWebBaseUrl" value="URLText" />

    The file is by default for the BC is here:
    \Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\140\Service
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