Attention, Austrians, Intrastat will stop working... about now

That's because in the Austrian and only that versions of the Intrastat export there is:

IF PeriodYear < 20 THEN

Period4 := '20' + Period


Period4 := '19' + Period;

Makes no sense and the fix is obvious (it should be always 20), just saying as the deadline for submitting the January Intrastat is upon us, every customer will get annoyed emails from the Statistics Office and every consultant will be overwhelmed by it.


  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 88
    In what version of NAV did you see this? And which monthly update did you check if it is still there?
    IF User.Loves('Edo') THEN ok() ELSE currReport.genSkip;
  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,597
    2017 but it is there still since 1.30 and no I am not downloading monthly updates for something so trivial.
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