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I’m planning production orders in NAV and have a question regarding it.

We have setup and run time specified in routing of an item.


If I run “Replan…” in production order management, I get following production plan for Item A:


My question is: Which setting should I change that setup and rum time will be without time gap between 26/2/20 12:26:00 and 28/2/20 6:00:00?
The system has planed another task from other production order in this time gap.



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    If it is possible for your Machine Center to make both your production orders at the same time, then double the capacity on you machine center. If not, then the capacity is booked by your other production order.
    You need to move that first, before you can allocate the capacity to this order then.
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    no it's not possible to produce two orders at the same time. Machine Center has Critical Load at 100%.
    Somehow it must be possible to tell the system to bind all Setup and Run times together but we don't know how. :):/
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