How does the named user model actually work?

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Hi all,

can someone please explain how this works on a technical level?
Does the licence file contain the user names? Has this to be updated through microsoft everytime a user leaves the company and a new one joins? What if a user marries and gets a new name?
Does one still enter records to the user table or are they already present according to the licence?
How does BC check if a user is licenced when he logs in?
Are the names somehow checked during licencing, or is "Generic Worker 1" a valid user that could be used alternately by different persons? I know it's not allowed legally, but does it work technically?

I fully understand the legal part of this model, my question is purely aimed at the technical part.

I went away from the NAV world for a while and I don't have access to BC, but now I might buy it for my current company and I haven't found any real explanation on how this actually works.


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  • AKAK GermanyMember Posts: 226
    Thank you very much, that leaves nothing to the imagination! So at the moment it is nothing more than a legal change, technically it is still the concurrent user model. I'm relieved...
    And no, I don't plan to cheat. But in our business users change quite often and it would be impossible to deal with real named users.
  • lyngelynge Jutland, DenmarkMember Posts: 85
    Hi AK
    No, that is NOT what I'm writing and NOT true.

    There are multiple technical differences, i.e.:
    - With concurrent users you can create as many active users in NAV/BC as you want. But only the licensed no. of concurrent users can log in at the same time. With named users you can only have as many active users as you are licensed for
    - With concurrent users you can login with same username on multiple device, but it will count as a concurrent user on each device. With named users you can log in on as many devices as you desire. That is probably why it is legally restricted to a single physical person per license

    If you cannot deal with named users, you should not use that license model. If you are required to for using the product, you should not use the product.
  • AKAK GermanyMember Posts: 226
    Got it, thanks for the clarification.
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