Dashboard for job queue entries from different clients

Good morning together, we use several different clients in NAV 2016. In each client, there are job queue entries. I look forward to monitor all of these entries. What possibilities are there to monitor the entries for errors etc.? Maybe there is also a possibility that you will be notified in case of errors.
I look forward to your feedback.


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Posts: 84Member
    You could:
    • Publish Job Queue Entries page as a WebService on each Client, make sure its available in your system and then read it from NAV.
    • Add a Job Queue Entry that runs every few minutes, checks for Failed Entries and sends you an email using SMTP with as many details as you want.
    • Set up ExternalSQL Table in your NAV, which would lookup data from Client databases, with dynamic cycling through different Clients
    I'm sure there are more possibilities, but this should help you get started
    Arturas Kulsinskas
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