Setup Internet access to Business Central Web Client and App

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Hello everyone,

I am attempting to setup a client's Business Central (BC14) for Internet access via the Web Client and the App.

I find the documentation and resources for this quite sparse so I was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction?

I am looking to create a complete setup including:
  • Setup of Business Central Administration, including client url and credentialing type
  • Setup of IIS and hostname setup
  • Network configuration/firewall setup
  • Installation/setup of SSL-certificate

I have found some useful resources, and I have succeeded in setting up an Azure VM by simply adding a self-signed certificate and a site binding for https in IIS.
However, I seem to lack several intermediary steps to make it work for my client's solution.

Any help with any of these points is highly appreciated!


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    In particular, I would be interested in how you set up your host name for the BC web client.
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