Ask for options before open a page

I have a page that makes a lot of calculations, so I would like to ask the user for the start and end date before open the page.

Something similar to the Request Page of the reports, but to run a page, not a report.

Some idea? Some similar behaviour in standar NAV?

I'm using NAV 2013

Lot of thanks


  • rnjbngrnjbng Member Posts: 82
    First put your calculations in a function called ComplexCalculation. Next declare 2 variables StartDate type Date and EndDate type Date. Add these 2 variable fields to the page and also add a menu Item called Calculate. When you run your page you will have


    Start Date XX/XX/XXXX
    End Date XX/XX/XXXX

    Pass your start date and End date to your ComplexCalculation function and your code will come into play.

  • Tomas_CrespoTomas_Crespo Member Posts: 6
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    Hi @rnjbng, thanks for the solution. I probably use that method, with perhaps auto excute calculation when date field lost focus

    Is have to be two date fields (start and end)? or could it be only one field like filters in request pages? i.e.: 010218..010618

    Is there some similar behaviour in some page in NAV?

  • mucamuca Member Posts: 42
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    I would do it this way.
    Add global function to page with calculations that set the global variables (StartDate,EndDate)
    StartDate := sDate;
    EndDate := eDate;
    From Request Page.... use this function on... CloseRequestPage or somewhere....
    so When I Open myCalculationsPage (OnOpenPage) I have a values that are set using this function for global variables StartDate and EndDate
  • Tomas_CrespoTomas_Crespo Member Posts: 6
    Thanks @muca but my problem is don´t know how to create the request page. As far as I know it only can be created for reports, not for pages
  • mucamuca Member Posts: 42
    You can use report request form...
    But I think there better can be page where PageType= ConfirmationDialog or StandardDialog ;o)
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,047
    You can go ahead with the Request Page, Can check Confirmation Dialogue OR Standard Dialogue NAV Pages OR even try Radio Buttons.
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