NAV2018 - Working on file system with different user

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i have the following situation: the customer is migrating from NAV2009 to NAV2018. In the older version there are some functions that allow users to open folder (launching explorer) or navigate file system from dialog. The customer's IT have defined a large permission set on different folder in their system, in order to allow user to access only certain data.

By passing to NAV2018 this segregation is not working anymore, because of whenever a user take an action, this is fullfilled by using the NST user (that must be admin).
My question is: is there any why to impersonte an operation made by service user with the actual user connected to NAV?

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  • AlexDenAlexDen Member Posts: 72

    You have to set property RunOnClient = Yes of .Net variable, in this case it will be executed on client with user credentials.

    There are some helpful functions in cu 419, maybe you can use some functions from there instead of current code.
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