Current price field in the table "Item"

I have created a field in the item table.That field will display the latest current price of the item.

I have updated the price for the item A as $10 from 01/01/19 to 31/12/19.the field will show $10 as the current price.
Suppose when i update the price of the item A for a certain period 01/10/19 to 30/11/19 as $15. It should display the current price as $15 for that period alone.After 30/11/19 it should display the previous price $10.

How to achieve this?



  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 956
    Your field is a FlowField? Add a FlowFilter field in to the table and set the filter to WORKDATE (or TODAY) and add filters to your FlowField using the FlowFilter field.

    Or else don't use a field at all, but rather create a function and use it to calculate the price wherever you need it, e.g. set a global variable in OnAfterGetRecord on the page, and use that variable as SourceExpression for the control on the page.
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