Powershell Publish APP

Is there another way then using the Powerfull Powershell to Publish developed APP's (VSC - AL) to the NAV Folders ?

Problem now is the needed accessrights for using Powershell and the possible danger with using Powershell


  • vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 316

    As far as I know on prem you can only publish it with the power-shell script on the NAV service tier.
    In cloud there is a page 2507 "Upload And Deploy Extension" that is used to deploy the app, but this only works for SaaS.

    If you look at this link below, there are different option to do this, but they all require admin rights on the NAV service tire machine. :-(


  • WilliamWestendorpWilliamWestendorp Member Posts: 4
    I tried to use PAGE 2507, seems that there is a setting missing , anyone knows what to setup where ?

    In the Debugger it stops at


    Error message .... External deployment is not activated....
  • DeployplaceDeployplace Member Posts: 1
    A very interesting situation, it is strange why an error appears, I would like to help, but my knowledge is not sufficient for this yet. You have not found a solution to this problem? thanks
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