Diff between finance charge memo and credit memo

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Can someone Say me what is the difference between Finance Charge Memo & Credit Memo.


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    The Help within the application does a pretty good job of explaining what these 2 areas are used for. Have you checked it out?
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    Danniel remarked some time ago that few companies set their fresher consultant with minimum training and advise them to use Mibuso for any query/problem. Seems exactly the case
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    Ignore the fact you have NAV here.

    i) Credit Memo - used to credit the customer, can or will return stock and is used as the reversal of an invoice. Assumption is this is a sales credit memo and that this is a simple statement.

    ii) Finance Charge Memo - used to charge the customer additional revenue for the late payment of invoices based upon collection or dunning letters.
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    What about finance charge credit memo? :mrgreen::lol::lol::lol:
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    Cannot see what is so funny about doing a finance credit memo... it can occur that you want to correct a finance memo, undo it.
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