Dynamics NAV BC Task Scheduler Problem

Martin_FörsterMartin_Förster LeipzigPosts: 47Member
Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the Task Scheduler. After a migration to Business Central, it no longer starts the Job Queue Entry regularly.

The entry will only be started once as soon as I restart the service tier. After that no more.

The next execution time will be re-calculated. In my Opinion the Job Queue Entry and Table Scheduled Task are correctly.

Someone an idea?

A warning is in the event log


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  • JoshRingJoshRing Posts: 13Member
    Hello Martin,

    I am experiencing the exact same problem. Did you manage to find out what was the cause?

    Best regards,
  • Martin_FörsterMartin_Förster LeipzigPosts: 47Member
    edited 2019-08-30
    Yes, it depends to several Entries in some SQL Tables.

    i stop the Service Tier, start the SMS and clear the records from the last old Version, after that it works fine.

    Here are the Tables to check:


    Maybe i forgot one Table to tell, but let try it, if the Problem isn't solved, we could make a teamviewer Session or something like that.
  • danielecacchidanielecacchi Posts: 13Member
    Sorry Martin , do you remember the SQL Tables involved? We exprerience the same issue migrating from NAV 2107 to BC14 CU05.Thank you in advance
  • cs010327cs010327 Posts: 1Member
    Hello all,

    We faced the same issue , and the suggestions did not work.
    The issue is happening because the nav tenant database status is in status OperationalDataUpgradePending.
    Complete the Data upgrade, delete the upg table , sync schema and get the status to Operational.
    Then everything works like a charm.

    Best Regards.
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