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On a Sales order when you change the location code you get a dialog box saying changing location code will change location code on the sales order line, Do you want to continue?. I can go to the Sales header table-->Location code field-->Onvalidate rem the code to get away with this message but I don't want to touch base NAV code.

Is there any way without touching the base NAV code I can accomplish this using events.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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    Many..Many Thanks JP, your solution indeed does work. Thanks again for all your help.
  • JP_BagdonasJP_Bagdonas Member Posts: 18
    You r welcome :) add me on Skype joao.bagdonas
    I don't like AL bcoz of this limitations.
    You need to use a new way of thinking to work around the code limitations. Now developers must know the system well to have good ideas. And I am worried about performance and keys as well.
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    Omg I have just erased my reply again, wtf!!!

    The message was showing twice for me :'(
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