Dimension Set Entry Not Update after Upgrade From NAV 2009 to NAV 2016

rachitrachit Member Posts: 2
Hello Guys,

Please help me out to solve this situation.

I have upgraded NAV 2009 Database to NAV 2016 successfully without any major problems. I have followed all the steps given by microsoft from here :


Now after opening NAV 2016 Database I could not find any data related to Dimensions. In short during upgrade process Dimension Set entry is not created.

Can anybody help me here to troubleshoot this situation and suggest me a solution or workaround to create Dimension Set Entries in new version.

Any suggestions would highly helpful and appreciated.


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  • rachitrachit Member Posts: 2
    Thanks @davmac1. You are correct that even if we follow workaround to create dimensions manually in the system, this might cause issues in future.
  • KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
    We have the same problem, upgrading from NAV5.1 to NAV2016 using all the NAV tools. In testing, it was not discovered and now the Customer is live. This only impacted G/L Entries that were upgraded, as far as we can tell so far. All the other 'histories' appear to be correct, although we're still testing. We will have to do this by programming and "Forcing" the correct Dimension ID Set into each entry. Has anyone else tried this. Related records are correct.
  • malintusmalintus Member Posts: 32
    @KWevick I have similar situation like you had. What did you do with this issue?
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