Simplanova Report Converter (V 2.07)

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Simplanova Report Converter (V 2.03)
From our experience, Report Upgrade from Classic Dynamics NAV version to RDLC format in most of NAV Upgrade cases can take up to 90% of an upgrade project time. We have noticed these common concerns regarding report upgrade:

it takes a long time to complete an upgrade;
customers have to wait longer for an upgrade project to be completed, so they may decide to stay with the older version or at least be considering the upgrade for longer;
it is a repetitive task for your developers and it doesn’t help to keep developers motivated;
your developers involved in technical Dynamics NAV reports upgrading rather than working on a customer’s requested features and support.
Luckily, there is a SOLUTION to avoid these bottlenecks. Dynamics NAV Report Upgrades can be fully AUTOMATED with Simplanova Report Converter!

Why Simplanova Report Converter?

Reports are converted from Classic (up to 2009 R2) to Native NAV RDLC Report Format
This is the only tool in the market which allows you fully automated conversion to NAV objects without any yearly license fees!
No external software needed. Report Converter main working environment is in one NAV page
Simplanova Report Converter Features:

User interface to access Simplanova Report Converter features from NAV plugin.
Builds new dataset which is based on classic report structure: tables, fields and primary key fields.
Recreates the Layout:
Tablix is created with certain data grouping: constant based grouping is created for classic report headers/footers, body grouping is created for all dataitems to keep the structure, GroupTotalFields property based grouping is created for classic report groupheaders/groupfooters;
Report header/footer is created with dynamic data setting and getting if needed;
Each component (textbox, label, picture, shape, etc.) is placed and sized the way it was in classic report;
Same component properties (alignment, font size, font weight, etc.) are applied;
If classic report had a standard font(Helvetica) then it is changed to a new RDLC standard font(Arial);
Transfers all the report triggers code and functions the way it was. If a certain trigger is obsolete, but it has code in classic report – a new function is created in RDLC report to contain this code. Function is run at the appropriate place in the code to recreate the exact same functionality as it did in classic report‘s trigger.
Reimplements obsolete functions such as CREATETOTALS, SHOWOUTPUT, NEWPAGEPERRECORD,etc. Certain changes are made in code/dataset/layout to recreate the same functionality.
Optimizes performance: creates labels or text constants in case of dynamically changed language inside the report.
The newly built report is compatible with all versions from Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 to Dynamics NAV 2017.
Simplanova report converter does not cover transheader and transfooter sections.
In Mibuso You can download Simplanova Report Converter Playground version, where You will be able to evaluate tool environment.

If You want to get Simplanova Tools DEMO license with 5 points, contact Simplanova sales team – [email protected] or request demo version here -

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    Simplanova Report Converter (V 2.05)
    Simplanova Tools 2.05:

    Classic Report Converter:


    Removed empty page headers and footers
    Reduced length of tools generated names
    Implemented optional creation of report headers and footers
    Included property for optional visibilities creation
    Replaced “Green textboxes” pictures expression functionality to simpler one
    Included button to clear SCC object LOG
    Bug fixes:

    Improved commented CREATETOTALS functions recognition as commented code
    [support#641] Improved visibility creation
    [support#640] Improved usage of scope parameter in FooterData1
    [support#682] Better messages after importing reports and xmlports.
    Implemented better footer sections code transffering
    Issue when SRT creates border even if Border = No for a shape control fixed
    Now report can be converted if NE-Line or Triangle shapes used
    [support#698] Fixed error on Uploading report, improved commented code managing
    [support#703] Improved CurrReport.CREATETOTALS placing
    [support#709] Removed pictures compression
    [support#706] Added error message if user uses old Simplanova tools version
    [support#699] Improved footer sections placing order
    [support#702] Removed unnecessary brackets from function parameters
    [support#675] Improved code conversion
    [support#712] Improved request page conversion
    Fixed importing problem with missing DataSet node
    Report cannot be converted then Report name contains word "Record" fixed
    [support#726] Wrong Unique ID in SCC Upload CalcComplexity, problem with unseen CR/LF symbols fixed.

    Description of Simplanova Report Converter Conversion Logic
    Dataport Converter:


    [support#710] Transferred triggers code put between comments
    Report Designer:


    [support#562] SRD Report List got new “Modified” flag;
    [support#694] Included sorting options for groups in SRD layout creation;
    Request Page now editable by default;
    Reduce latency when opening SRD Globals window;
    Included ability to modify line width.
    Bug fixes:

    Fixed request page indentation error;
    Fixed SRD reports importing error;
    Line Top and EndTop properties now by default set to 0,01;

    License information now shows object ID

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    Simplanova Report Converter (V 2.06)
    Simplanova Tools 2.06:

    Classic Report Converter:


    SRC now prevents visibility creation for sections without code
    Users now have possibility to report tool issues directly from Dynamics NAV/365BC client
    Optional left and right paddings
    Bug fixes:

    Fixed rows placing to groups and visibility expressions controlled by RepeatOnNewPage property
    Implemented CurrReport.NEWPAGE
    Optimized dataset creation, removed unnecessary FieldCaption columns
    Improved variables with ‘.’ replacement
    Fixed import problem with PaperSourceOtherPages and PaperSourceFirstPage properties
    Fixed compilation issue then CurrReport.ShowOutput used as If condition
    Improved totals conversion then PrintOnlyIfDetail set to false
    Fixed problem with same group names
    Improved Red data textbox placing
    Improved CurrReport.ShowOutput recognition with commented code
    Improved RequestForm to RequestPage triggers transformation
    Improved CurrReport.CreateTotals recognition in commented code
    Optimized GroupHeader/GroupFooter groups creation
    Improved footer grouping variables creation, now tool identifies only distinct group variables
    By default AddVisibilityExpression property now set to False
    Tool recognizes and ignore commented code in controls source expression
    Visibility expressions with DELCHR moved from layout to trigger function
    Fixed issue with not transfered section code
    Grouping now not ignores sorting key value
    Improved textbox format property placing
    Fixed „Magic“ footer textboxes issue, then footer rendered in body
    Fixed multidimensional arrays in CurrReport.ShowOutput conversion
    Implemented VAR property for created OnPreSection an OnPostSection functions
    Improved CurrReport.NEWPAGE identifying with commented
    Dataport Converter:

    Bug fixes:

    Improved field placing for integer elements
    OnPreDataItem trigger now transferred to OnPreXmlPort trigger

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    Simplanova Report Converter (V 2.07)
    Simplanova Tools 2.07:

    Classic Report Converter:


    Integrated txt2AL which allows to convert automatically Classic NAV report to AL and get converted report that consists of:
    - .txt file (converted RDLC report);
    - .rdlc file (Layout); file (Dataset);
    -.xlf language files;
    Implemented Simplanova delta generator which helps to convert files more precisely;
    SCC and SRD setups separated.
    Bug fixes:

    #1318 Wrong tablix rows/tablix members number fixed;
    #1161 Too many tablix members fixed;
    Fixed missing captions on global variables;
    Fixed BREAK cannot be used as a variable name error;
    GetGlobalTotalField() infinity loop fix.
    Dataport Converter:


    RequestForms converter now transfering new variables.

    #929 Fixed duplicated dummyelement nodes error.

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