Statical Prism 2.8.0 Community Edition (CE)



  • janpieterjanpieter Posts: 298Member
    Great tool, really use it a lot and it sure has an impact in development time and quality!
    I also noticed because of your tool that a lot of code is abandoned and I think we could really reduce code maintenance by removing everything that is not used anymore.

    In Prism we can already detect which objects aren't used however I have to go through every object / function / field manually to be able to see this. And when done removing unused stuff new unused function fields will occur because they first were only referenced in an unused function which was removed later.

    Would it be possible to produce an (excel) list of all custom unused objects, custom functions and custom fields as a feature request? A list with all functions / fields and a reference count might even be better. That would be awesome.

    In a world without Borders or Fences, who needs Windows and Gates?
  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 1.5.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-580 Feature Support for XMLport objects
    ID-717 Feature Highlight event publishers in Explorer
    ID-712 Feature Automatic regression test of find usages (for internal use @statical)
    ID-726 Feature Group CRUD system functions in find system function usages window
    ID-724 Feature Mirror adapter names to better indicate NAV versions supported
    ID-709 Feature Mirrors: Exclusion filter based on Version List
    ID-316 Bugfix Some usages not found in reports and queries
    ID-641 Bugfix Find usages of tables does not find table if declared in array
    ID-722 Bugfix Find System Function Usages does not find usage when table is declared via "SourceTable" property
    ID-723 Bugfix Find usages window displays results in FlowFields under wrong field
    ID-544 Bugfix Unqualified DELETE usage not found in report
    ID-690 Bugfix Prism display fails with "Link key already registered" in special situations (spaces in empty line)
    ID-720 Bugfix Parse error when expression includes a number which is bigger than 2147483647
    ID-728 Bugfix Parse error when variable was named "DefaultNamespace"

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    Statical Prism 2.0.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-581 Feature Support for Dataport
    ID-718 Feature Show database event subscribers in Explorer
    ID-329 Feature Find key and field usages in 'view properties' such as DataItemTableView and SourceTableView
    ID-735 Feature Digitally sign all DLLs to avoid anti-virus false positives
    ID-736 Feature Changed executable name to StaticalPrism.exe (instead of App.exe)
    ID-625 Feature Parsing of TextConstants with newlines, even though C/SIDE does not parse such TextConstants when importing as txt
    ID-737 Feature Help menu now available from object store windows
    ID-483 Bugfix Parse error when specific keywords like Description in code is followed immediately by equality sign (Description=...)
    ID-733 Bugfix Parse error on XMLports in NAV 5
    ID-579 Bugfix Parse error when Documentation trigger contains block comment characters
    ID-637 Bugfix Parse error when string property (e.g. field description or action name) contains newline
    ID-743 Bugfix Parse error when table relation has ampersand (&) and quoted literals

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  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 2.1.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-218 Feature Visualize and explore table relations (preview feature)
    ID-685 Feature Mirror: Setup to include service tier info to avoid finsql export issues due to service tier not selected in default zup file
    ID-686 Feature Mirror: Object comparison changed from database timestamp value to name, version list, date, time, and blob size
    ID-757 Feature Mirror: Default selection of adapter version from version meta-data of selected finsql.exe
    ID-776 Feature Preliminary support for NAV 2017
    ID-255 Feature History to remember source of go to declaration
    ID-629 Feature Control Panel: Modified date in Recent Items view
    ID-654 Feature Mark flowfields in explorer
    ID-748 Feature Control panel tweaks
    ID-751 Feature Open file or directory location of recent object store
    ID-752 Feature Navigate to physical store location in object store window
    ID-750 Feature License about to expire warning
    ID-756 Bugfix Usages inside AutoFormatExpr, CaptionClass, IndentationColumnName and a few other properties not found
    ID-775 Bugfix Find Usages of disabled fields does not find all usages
    ID-764 Bugfix Objects shown twice in Explorer's "Used By"
    ID-777 Bugfix When collapsing table group in Object Index, the UI sometimes reports an error

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  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 2.2.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-212 Feature Find usages of table triggers (insert, modify, delete, rename)
    ID-810 Feature Explore table relations (official release)
    ID-498 Feature Ability to filter field usages by field assignment, TRANSFERFIELDS etc
    ID-803 Feature Import/export of mirror configurations, so users can exchange configurations
    ID-789 Feature Linked NAV 2017 system functions to MSDN documentation
    ID-794 Feature Find usages of fields in "link properties" like SubPageLink
    ID-780 Feature Copy code from Prism view
    ID-799 Feature Find duplicate declaration id issues (caused by manual or automated code merge)
    ID-793 Bugfix Field usage in report data item not found when reference is unqualified
    ID-797 Bugfix Parse error in some ExternalSQL tables
    ID-783 Bugfix Parse error when field name contains semicolon
    ID-790 Bugfix Version check blocks Prism when disconnected from Internet
    ID-791 Bugfix Mirror Manager window does not scroll (problematic when running low resolution)
    ID-801 Bugfix Parse error when object declares variable of type ClientType
    ID-802 Bugfix Product version check is incorrect when license has expired

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  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 2.3.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-785 Feature Integration to Object Analyzer: Show available object updates
    ID-714 Feature Initiate new Find Usages from Find Usage result window
    ID-819 Feature Find usages result window: More context information in grouping, e.g. <field name> - OnValidate
    ID-806 Feature Find usages of Codeunit OnRun trigger
    ID-837 Feature Find system function usages of tables: Options to filter away temporary records
    ID-788 Feature Find field usages to include fields within field list properties like SumIndexFields
    ID-835 Feature Find field usages to include key definitions (with option to not show)
    ID-830 Feature Find object usages in Permission and AccessByPermission properties
    ID-815 Feature Find field usages: EVALUATE, CLEAR, and MODIFYALL all count as assignments
    ID-816 Feature Mirror re-initialization: Full export from NAV, useful when field names are changed (or many objects have changed)
    ID-839 Feature System Function Usages: CODEUNIT.RUN(<no>|CODEUNIT::<name>) counts as usage (just like MyCodeunit.RUN)
    ID-814 Bugfix Open Mirror window lacks a vertical scrollbar

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  • lvanvugtlvanvugt Posts: 774Member
    Hey guys, great tool. Now wanting to use it on NAV 2018 code but getting parser error on 30 objects of which exactly one was relevant to my search. Any update to be expected soon?
    Luc van Vugt,
    Never stop learning
    Van Vugt's dynamiXs
    Dutch Dynamics Community
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    Statical Prism 2.4.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-854 Feature NAV 2018: ObsoleteState and ObsoleteReason properties
    ID-855 Feature NAV 2018: ODataKeyFields property
    ID-856 Feature NAV 2018: SessionSetting type
    ID-836 Feature Setting to disable hardware acceleration in case of WPF issues
    ID-809 Feature Annotate keys in the explorer panel where SQL or SIFT index is not maintained
    ID-861 Feature Enabled functionality: Find duplicate declaration id issues (caused by manual or automated code merge)
    ID-851 Bugfix PAGE.RUN(0, <record>) and PAGE.RUNMODAL(0, <record>) are usages of the page referred to by LookupPageID property
    ID-650 Bugfix Search result is not ordered by object number
    ID-858 Bugfix Edition message in Prism view is not updated when new license is entered
    ID-811 Bugfix Prism icon in taskbar is black on black, if the taskbar is black

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  • stati-calstati-cal Posts: 9Member
    Hi Luc,
    Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply. We released Statical Prism 2.4.0 with support for NAV 2018 Xmas eve in the Standard Edition. It is now also available in Community Edition.
    Best regards,
  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 2.5.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-868 Feature Allow user to save default filters in result window of "Find Usages" of fields
    ID-873 Feature New virtual tables and fields added to auto-generation, e.g. DataClassification on virtual Field table
    ID-869 Feature Changed name of newest mirror to 'NAV 2015 and later' to indicate that NAV 2018 is also supported
    ID-874 Feature Mirror setup: When database server or name changes, blank service tier fields, so user can reselect
    ID-882 Feature Find Usages of named return parameter enabled in user interface
    ID-884 Feature Support for new variable types DataClassification and Verbosity
    ID-885 Feature Support for new Business Central type NotificationScope (and general parser change to accept any new simple types)
    ID-863 Bugfix Display and some analysis of objects with multi-dimensional arrays of complex types fails when syntax mda[x][y] is used
    ID-883 Bugfix Mirror sync error due to corrupted mirror status file
    ID-862 Bugfix Up-to-date check says up-to-date even when version is out-dated
    ID-824 Bugfix Log included in feedback is not the tail of the log
    ID-876 Bugfix Names in Editable property of report request pages are not analyzed
    ID-877 Bugfix Logging: nothing gets logged

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  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 2.6.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-890 Feature Copy selected code lines to new window (formatted)
    ID-897 Feature Copy whole code block to new window (formatted)
    ID-867 Feature Copy selected code lines to clipboard/file
    ID-570 Feature Configurable file filter for directory/folder stores
    ID-875 Feature Directory/folder store: Ignore filter on directory and file names
    ID-887 Feature Find Field Usage filter options: treat CLEAR(field) like CLEAR(record)
    ID-889 Feature Double-click to expand/collapse index and exlorer panels
    ID-895 Feature Minor GUI tweaks
    ID-901 Feature Configurable SQL connection timeout for mirror test and sync
    ID-886 Bugfix Find Usages does not find subscribers to local publisher
    ID-865 Bugfix Explorer displays Database Trigger Event multiple times when there are multiple subscribers
    ID-898 Bugfix Prism failed to start due to .NET error OEMCodePage returning 1

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  • BleikaBleika Posts: 10Member
    I'm using 2.60 SE and I'm finding it very helpful.
    However, I wanted to know if there's a way to "filter" objects in the Index Pane by Version List or Modified?
  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 2.7.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-813 Feature Report: Save Unreferenced Objects
    ID-915 Feature Report: Save Object Dependencies
    ID-859 Feature Tooltip on variables should show if variable is global or local
    ID-920 Feature Business Central Spring 2019 support: New property AdditionalSearchTermsML
    ID-918 Feature UI minor performance optimization in displaying code in Prism view
    ID-911 Feature Scroll code in Prism View left when navigating
    ID-912 Feature URL for Object Analyzer integration configurable in Prism update file
    ID-919 Feature Improved startup error handling
    ID-909 Bugfix Object Analyzer displays nothing on a Business Central code-base
    ID-913 Bugfix Usages window groups sometimes forget if they are collapsed or expanded
    ID-910 Bugfix Object Index groups sometimes forget if they are collapsed or expanded
    ID-908 Bugfix "Open Mirror" window sometimes ignores open command when window has been resized

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  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    edited 2019-07-12
    Statical Prism 2.7.2 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-923 Bugfix Cannot load store due to installation package .NET compatibility issue

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  • AdministratorAdministrator Posts: 2,449Member, Moderator, Administrator
    Statical Prism 2.8.0 Community Edition (CE)

    ID-930 Feature Show field type in tooltips in both explorer and code
    ID-929 Feature New virtual tables and fields added to auto-generation
    ID-916 Feature Improvements of NAVToolBox Object Analyzer integration
    ID-924 Feature Installer to always update files when upgrading
    ID-925 Bugfix Parsing fails when QueryCategory property contains spaces
    ID-927 Bugfix Name resolution: when page and source table have identically named functions, then a function call in the page should resolve to the table function if it is global, and the page function, if the table function is local
    ID-928 Bugfix Parsing fails when object name contains semicolon

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