Nav2017 slow nst

Bc365Bc365 Posts: 7Member
Hi all

We are having Some issues with nav2017 cu2.1 and the nst instance.

We are having a dedicated nst which Will handle only the soap services for a third party product.

During daytime and working hours the nst Will be slower and slower. But we can find the issue what is causing this.

We have monitored the nst server (os 2012r2 and also sql server. Both memory and CPU doenst show any performance issues. Also disk performance isnt an issue.

If we reboot the nst the performance issues are gone and environment and soap services are very fast again.

Anybody Some suggestions what to check or what is causing the issue?



  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 333Member
    Well if you have preformens issues, I would start with removing the NST from the SQL Server because both of them will eat your memory.
    But I know it is not allways possible :smile:

    How much memory do you have?
    Is you SQL Server limit to xx GB ram? How much memory does the NST use?
    For help, do not use PM, but use forum instead, perhaps other people have the same question, or better answers.
  • Bc365Bc365 Posts: 7Member


    Sql and nav are separate servers. Both are having 32 Gb memory. From monitoring tool we dont measure any high Peaks of memory usage. So there is enough memory available
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