Client sessions returns error "the connection to the server is no longer responding"

This is occurring with a job is running on the job schedular at around the same time that a back up is running on the SQL server. Is there a timeout setting that can be adjusted to allow for a possible slow response when the backup is running.


  • ricardopaivaricardopaiva PortugalMember Posts: 14
    There’s a SQL Timeout setting in NAV Server.
    Default value is 30 minutes. It means that the server will close the connection if it takes longer than 30 minutes.
    Does that job takes longer that 30 minutes to run?

    Please refer to the link:

    Search for ”SQL Command Timeout“.
  • Toni_BussolaToni_Bussola Member Posts: 2
    Hi Ricardo. Thank you for your response, job schedule log is indicating that job took about 40 minutes (instead of 2) at around that time. Will investigate with the thought that records may have been locked by another user.
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