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How can I setup week in Nav 2009 from Sunday to Saturday? Currently, it is Monday to Sunday.

We are using LS Retail Nav 2009 (Version W1 6.00)

Thanks in advance



  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 370
    Application Setup - Base calendar - functions - maintain base calendar changes
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    Hello @Prasoothan,

    Follow the below steps for clarity.

    1. Choose the search icon, enter Base Calendar, and then choose the related link.
    2. Choose New action.
    3. Fill in the Code field.
    4. Choose the Maintain Base Calendar Changes action.
    5. In the Base Calendar Changes window, use the Recurring System field to mark a particular date or day as a recurring nonworking day. You can select either the Annual Recurring or Weekly Recurring option.
    If you select Annual Recurring, you must also enter the relevant date in the Date field.

    If you select Weekly Recurring, you must also select the relevant day of the week in the Day field. If you leave the field empty, you must fill in the Date field. The Day field is filled in automatically.
    When you make an entry, the Nonworking field is selected. You can choose to clear the check mark to make it a working day.
    When you return to the base calendar card, you will observe that the nonworking day entries that you made have been updated. These entries now appear in red and the Nonworking field is selected.

  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 370
    For clarity, Sachin's steps will only work if you're using RTC.
    If you use Nav 2009 (Version W1 6.00) Classic (9 out of 10 times it is classic), follow my blurry lead.
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