Print shorcut key ctrl+p don't work as page action

Hi everyone,

So I want to print my current page of vendors or items and I press ctrl+p and prints what I want. But If i create a page action with shorcutkey "ctrl+p" this don't work... there is no simple way of doing this without creating report?


  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    Hello @catiamatos1991,

    • Open development environment
    • Design your page
    • Then click on View menu and select Page actions...
    • Now select action that you want to change the short cut key.
    • After selecting goto properties or press shift+F4.
    • Now put the value in shortcut keys.


  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Member Posts: 158
    I have already a page of mine.. the item/vendor list page was just a example of how this shortcut key also worked without creating a report to print.

    I've add a button to print like you said but is not visible...gkc3ts897529.png

    I want to print these lines like my image show

  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    Keep the same properties as you have kept for the above one just dont change shortcut key properties as i have created a new page just now i am able to see with shortcut mentioned its working fine for me.
  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Member Posts: 158
    The problem of don't appear is because my page action don't have code.. I don't want any code.. just ctrl+p with keyboard makes the same as click my button understand?
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    if you dont want any code then you have to mention the properties of runobject if it is a page write page page id.
  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Member Posts: 158
    Now the button is not enabled and I can't click..

  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    Sorry Mate i dont know why it is not working for you Unfortunately couldn't help you as i knew only this much
  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Member Posts: 158
    Is because I'm calling the current page.. if I pass another page it's enabled.
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    Yes exactly
  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Member Posts: 158
    So what can I do in order to when i press ctrl+p i cant print but do that with clicking a button ?
  • Sachin_Sachin_ Member Posts: 67
    edited 2019-06-17
    You need to create a report wherein you should be able to fetch lines of the page which you have mentioned.
  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Member Posts: 158
    That was that I was avoiding.. i though there was a quick solution instead of doing that understand.. ?
  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 121
    I think you have it the wrong way around @catiamatos1991. As I read it you want a page action to print the dataset, in the same way as it does when you click Ctrl+P, is that correct?
    You cannot achieve this without code, as the shortcut "Ctrl+P" calls the page action, the click on the page does not activate the shortcut.
    If you want a button to print your records, its either a report or code on the page action that can activate the keyboard inputs "Ctrl+P".
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