Update Purchase Order Line from a Purchase Invoice

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One of my clients wants that their operational team will create Purchase Order (No. PO/0001) only in Navision & they will not do/allow any kind of transaction/posting from this PO (not even GRN).

Accounts team will create (a) Purchase Invoice (No. PI/222) against/tagging that PO & Post. This PI Posting will books GRN & Invoice against that PO (No. PO/0001) & update the Quantity Received Fields & Quantity Invoiced Fields of that PO Line accordingly.

Is this kind of functionality available in Standard NAV 2016 ?

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    This sounds strange to me. Why they just don´t go standard?
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    Dear txeriff,

    Thanks for your reply. Please let me tell you the actual scenario.

    Suppose a client(A) has received a Purchase Oder (Work Order or Service Order) of the Amount of 5000 USD from a Vendor(B). And the client has entered the PO in the Navision system. As per their payment terms/agreement, the Vendor (B) has been started issuing the Invoices to the client A and the Client A has been given the payments accordingly using Navision Standard Payment Journals.

    In any time if the client(A) wants to know how much payment has been paid to the Vendor (B) for a particular Purchase Order, then is there any system to know the details? (Like, Invoices against the PO & Payments against the PO).

    Note: The Purchase Order has tagged no Item (from Item Card) in the Purchase Line Item. Only G/L Accounts are tagged.
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    Use a Blanket Purchase Order, with your G/L account on the line, quantity of 1, and amount = $5000. Then, each time the vendor issues an invoice you set the amount to receive/invoice to be the percentage of the total, i.e. .2 for 20%. You can then click Make Order to create the individual PO, and it will Copy the PO No. from the blanket order. You can always look at the Blanket PO to see how much is left to be invoiced.
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    Thanks for your reply...

    I have suggested this workaround already...But the standard Blanket Purchase Order will create multiple Purchase order whereas the Vendor has (given) One Purchase Order only.....

    BTW...My next suggestion was as below...

    Please treat the Blanket Purchase Order for your Single Purchase Order for which you have given/received from your Vendor & Create "Make Invoice" ( Customization in the Blanket Purchase Order ) as you receive Invoices from your Party.

    Please share if you have a better solution.

    Thank you!
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