date filter field in customer table?

mdsrmdsr Member Posts: 163
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for what purpose it use & how to use this in report
OpDate:=Customer.GETRANGEMIN(Customer."Date Filter");
customer.SETRANGE("Date Filter",0D,OpDate-1);

what will this do

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  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 725
    Filter flow fields that use date filter
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  • mdsrmdsr Member Posts: 163
    @Juhl i didn't get. Can be please elaborate
    Actually I used this field in my report in required filt field and above code in rep. As said by senior but I don't know why it taken in report and how it works for report
  • mdsrmdsr Member Posts: 163
    @juhl that helps Lot thank you
  • mdsrmdsr Member Posts: 163
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    @BlackTiger as a newbie i had read nav documentation.but some point are not clear even reading and when I tried practical i stuck in some point then expert advice needed and I guess this is platform for same and on this forum is full of helping nature people.every questions /comments on this forum will definitely give knowledge to everyone just like your comment. See how much knowledge is in your comment.
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