format value text in trial balance by period

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every budy can help me to resolve this problem when i export my trial balance by period to excel , and when am try to sum one colomn thevalue it is equal the number of line selected but not the result of value outputing from dynamics navision , my question it's to how can formated the value to read in number not as text
informations :smile:
-report N° : 38
-colomn name .
Expanded Data Type Data Source Name Include Caption
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[4] ColumnValuesAsText_4_ No
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[3] ColumnValuesAsText_3_ No
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[2] ColumnValuesAsText_2_ No
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[1] ColumnValuesAsText_1_ No
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[10] ColumnValuesAsText_10_ No
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[9] ColumnValuesAsText_9_ No
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[8] ColumnValuesAsText_8_ No
0 Column ColumnValuesAsText[7] ColumnValuesAsText_7_ No


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 359

    Im in an old nav but i believe you are runing this report and then you click in save as >excel. then, you are trying to make a sum of some kind.

    I recomend, easiest, from excel right click>properties. Set as number for the columns.
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