Export objects by commandline


I hope some1 can help.

I did this for NAV 2015 long ago (or similar):

finsql.exe command=exportobjects, servername=EC1DEVDB01, database=Test_March_17, file "c:\temp\testfob.txt", filter="Modified=Yes;Date=+echo %date%",ntauthentication=yes

For some reason in NAV2009 classic client, it keeps telling me "the program command property is not recognised". Is it not supported for this version?

Any ideas?

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  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 340
    kriki wrote: »
    NAV2009R2 (or older) doesn't support exporting/importing objects from the commandline. It is supported from NAV2013.

    Thanks, makes sense. i recall do this and it was 2015 but i was unsure.
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