New windows openning on wrong screen


I have a 3 monitor setup (laptop + 2 monitors). I often move my laptop and so the 2 monitors aren't always connected.

Problem is, i always use monitor 1 to use NAV Client, and when i open a page (From exemple from Dashboard to Job List) it opens on my laptop screen, and i have to move it everytime.

Any piece of config file or smth to make secondary pages always open on the same screen as the primary page ?

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  • MaximeDawnsMaximeDawns Member Posts: 10
    robbonick wrote: »
    I run a similar setup, and I think it is managed by Windows. When I open a Card page for instance, and it opens on monitor 2, if I move it to monitor 1, then close and reopen the page it always opens on monitor 1.

    Yep, once you moved it, it reopens on the good page. And i think too it comes from windows. What is really annoying is when i unplug the monitors, everything goes to laptop screen and then stays on laptop screen. Uhh
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