No. Series Relation


I have the S-ORD number series specified in S&R setup. Then in the number series relationship table for S-ORD, I added two other number series - S-BKT and S-SPC. This way, I can click the ellipsis button on the sales order and choose any of the three number series.

What I need to do is relate each ORDER number series (S-ORD, S-BKT, and S-SPC) to a specific posted sales invoice number series. For example, when posting an order from the S-BKT series, I want to have the posted sales invoice pull from the S-ORD+-BKT number series (for posted sales invoice). Similarly, an order posted from the S-ORD would pull the posted sales invoice from the S-ORD+ number series. I cannot figure out how to do this.

Does anyone know if this is possible?




  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 709
    Not with out coding.

    But order number is saved on the invoice, so maybe you can use that to link/filter invoices?
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  • vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 883
    Make posting no. series field visible on order and let user to select it on post.
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