"Table already exists" during migration to SQL Server

Trying to convert my NAV4.0-database to SQL Server. Imported "migration.fob", and ran codeunits 104010 and 104015 and fixed the incorrect dates.

After that I've made an backup of this native database, created an new empty SQL-database en tried to import the backup. After a while, Navision reports that an table already exists.

I've investigated this, and it seems I've many double fields like "Amsterdam" and "AMSTERDAM". Or "1234aa" and "1234AA". SQL Server doesn't like this. Is there a way to fix these issues in the native database?


  • Nortepe85Nortepe85 Member Posts: 2
    Got it solved by creating a new database with the NAV-client. On the "Collation-tab" checked "Case-sensitive".
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