Functionality to Automatically Edit sales lines in a Sales Order

First, some background, I am not in IT so my use of technical jargon is limited at best. I work at a company that uses NAV13 and I have been tasked with being the liason from my department to the IT department when it comes to NAV. My goal is identifying areas that can be improved and finding utility within NAV to either speed up existing processes or remove them altogether for something better.

Our company uses open Sales Orders as reserves. So a CSR will enter X amount of an item on to a sales order, release it and move on. (it is marked as a reserve so the warehouse never attempts to ship it)

Later on, the customer will order Y amount and the CSR, after processing the new order, must go back to the original reserve order to manually reduce Y from X. This process is cumbersome for CSR's and time consuming especially for larger customers that reserve many items.

My question is this, does a functionality exist either in NAV or outside of NAV available as an add-on that when a sales order is released for Y amount of an item, nav would then automatically go out and look for the X amount on another order and reduce that amount by Y automatically? This can get quite complex so I am looking for a very top level answer to this.

Does anything exist out there that could handle this automation for us? If you can point me in the right direction, I can then present this to my director of IT as a project for 2019.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Its standard, and called Blanket Order.
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    I am aware that blanket orders exist within NAV. It baffles me why my company doesn't use them. Would my original example work if we switched to blanket orders? Would there be automation to where the quantity being held would automatically be reduced?

    Edit: I also found a youtube video explaining blanket orders. He was saying you go to your blanket first, then choose the amount you want to release and click "make order" to make a new sales order. While this does work, it is backwards from how we normally work. CSRs may not even be aware that a blanket exists. Which is one of the reasons why I want automation. If a customer calls in and wants to place an order for 50 of something. It is cumbersome for me to go out and look to see if 50 are being held on a blanket. Perfect world, I would process my order like normal and NAV would go find the blanket and reduce it itself. Does anything like this exist?
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    Sometimes you must adapt your business to the system, if it makes sense.

    Maybe a little mod giving you a warning if item is on a blanket order.
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    Okay thank you!
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