How to move existing data from C/AL tables to AL tables?

nicolassaleronnicolassaleron Posts: 11Member
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We have an existing database with customizations developed in C/AL. We have moved the developments to AL on Business Central, thanks to txt2al tool.

And now, we do not know how to handle data...
What would be the "upgrade path" to move custom C/AL table data and custom field data in W1 tables to the all new extension?

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

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  • TallyHoTallyHo Posts: 305Member
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    There is no official upgrade path yet as far as I know.
    Using different field or object numbers when upgrading to extensions
    is not an ideal solution to me.
  • nicolassaleronnicolassaleron Posts: 11Member

    Thank you for your answer, I was afraid of that :)

    Currently we think to implement the data migration by following this path:

    1. Convert objects and fields to AL with the same IDs. This will be our "Custom Extension"
    2. Create a C/AL tables and codeunit to move data to upgrade tables when C/AL tables and fields are removed
    3. Create an AL "Data Migration Extension" which has dependency on our "Custom Extension" and then copy data from C/AL upgrade tables to AL "Custom Extension" tables.
    4. Delete C/AL upgrade tables and AL "Data Migration Extension"

    I was also wondering if RapidStart can make the job on small databases...
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