syntax LS NAV 5 into LS NAV 2018

anyone know this syntax in NAV 5?
i can't use this into NAV 2018

i'm on progress merge Form(coding) EPOS Main (99008951 LS NAV 5) into codeunit POS Transaction (99001570 LS NAV 2018)
i still confuse for that syntax

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  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 323Member
    This: CurrForm.SubForm.FORM.SetCurrentLine(Currline)
    is calling on a function on a form, the form object does not exist in NAV 2018

    In NAV 2018
    Would be Currpage instead of CurrForm.
    You are trying to call a function on a subform called SetCurrenctLine, Does that function exist?
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