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Hi all

I'm having an issue with special characters in email subject and attachment filenames. I've tried lots of different versions/builds (2017 and up).

I'm using the standard 'Send' action on the Post Sales Invoice card using Email: Yes (Prompt for Settings)

If I put 'æ' in the subject and send using SMTP (un-tick the 'Edit in Outlook') it will show up as 'æ' in the email.

If I put 'æ' in the subject and edit the email in Outlook before sending it, it will work correctly.

I know it's an encoding problem because when it fails the 'æ' has been encoded as =C3=A6 but when it works it has been encoded as =E6 but I have no idea what I can do to fix this.

Interestingly if I put in lots of special characters the entire string is Base64 encoded and everything works fine!

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  • Ettu_BruteEttu_Brute Member Posts: 8
    Thanks notificnav.

    Whilst this seems to do the trick I really really really don't want to change C400 like this, but as a last resort I'll subscribe to OnBeforeCreateMessage in C400 and do your magic trick. Thanks for your reply.
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