Cannot publish in new Sandbox

ivancito86ivancito86 Posts: 18Member
Good day ,

I've just create a new sandbox, and I start to develop about it, I have a lot versions of the app that I developed in my docker, and when I finished, I created a new project using sandbox, but I don't know why, It seems that it remind one of versions, I think that it could be in memory, and when I publish my app, Visual studio tell me that the table already exist. I already review if in my sandbox I have any extension, but is the first extension that I make it.


I put my launch.json and my app.json just in case....

"id": "08b7b279-5bcf-4278-84a5-9a188ad6d14c",
"name": "
"publisher": "
"brief": "",
"description": "",
"version": "",
"privacyStatement": "",
"EULA": "",
"help": "",
"url": "",
"logo": "./src/Resources/Logo.png",
"capabilities": [],
"dependencies": [],
"screenshots": [],
"platform": "",
"application": "",
"idRange": {
"from": 50000,
"to": 50005
"runtime": "2.2",
"showMyCode": true

In case of app.json, I've trated to put the parameters schemaUpdateMode, and tenant, but in my case the publication doesn't work.

"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
"type": "al",
"request": "launch",
"name": "Microsoft cloud sandbox",
"breakOnError": true,
"schemaUpdateMode": "Recreate",
"tenant": ""

Best regards!


  • DenSterDenSter Posts: 8,142Member
    The error message says you have the 'Horus Setup' table more than once, which is not allowed
  • ivancito86ivancito86 Posts: 18Member
    thaks for your response but...

    It is not possible that this table exist in the sandbox, it is that problem, this is my first time to publish in a sandbox, is not possible that exist this table, because I am the unique person to access to this sandbox. Is it possible delete or recreate the extension for delete this table?, in extension adminisrator screen there isn't any thing about my extenssion.
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