Dynamically creating a process only report without the use of "Processing Only" property

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to create a process only report without the use of 'processing Only' property In NAV 2009? I want a standard report with sections to behave as a process only report depending on a condition. Looked into skip and showoutput functions didn't get the desired result. Thanks in advance.



  • StLiStLi Member Posts: 81
    Not that i know of.

    I assume you want the Report to show the "OK"-Control instead of "Print"/"Preview"? I'd consider Creating a "Processing Only" report that Basicly forwards the set Filters to your Standard Report.

    Generally, I'd question if this is good design. On the other hand, i know that a lot of useful business logic is written in some reports directly and i'd put omitting redundant code over good design.
  • MathanMathan Member Posts: 55
    Hi StLi, thanks for your response.

    Well, I actually don't want it to show any output depending on a boolean. In the request form I have kept a boolean, if its true then i am exporting it to a csv file, so i want to run the report like a process only report without any output.

    If the boolean value is false, i want it to run like a normal report with its standard output.

    I was hoping for an alternative for the "Process only" property. Is there any other way to do so without creating an additional report object?
  • MathanMathan Member Posts: 55
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    Thanks, i improvised.
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