The sales invoice line does not exist Identification field.

rranjanerprranjanerp Posts: 70Member
Dear Experts,

I am getting an error " The sales invoice line does not exist Identification field & values. Doc no " abc " Line No :"10000"

while doing copy document in Credit memo form. I selected doument type as posted Invoice & document no., include header is checked .I tried to debug but could not find the link. If any one has solved same issue than plz guide me ..The same error is seen in " Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse" After i select posted sales invoice .

I am using Nav 2009 R2 . copy sales document function in codeunit 6620 is correct. got some link to study .

Thanks a lot..


  • rranjanerprranjanerp Posts: 70Member
    don't i deserve to get a single reply from my senior & experts ? no one got the same error ?
  • KreenaPKreenaP Posts: 2Member
    Even i am getting the same error
    You were able to find the solution for the same???

    Please respond!!
  • sathyanarayanan23sathyanarayanan23 Posts: 5Member

    Did you check if the sales invoice line actually exist?? Please check if the values are passed when you try that copy thing..

  • KreenaPKreenaP Posts: 2Member
    I am passing the values from .NET UI.
    I am getting values over there , but its not finding the sales line in Navision
    Is this some thing related to configuration in navision??
  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Posts: 158Member
    Having the same problem.. can you find anything?
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