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LewisTiogaLewisTioga Posts: 40Member

I have a Purchase Ledger Entry line which has 0 value against it. How can I apply a value to it without affecting inventory??

I need to add a cost to the 2 lines highlighted in yellow.



  • KowaKowa Posts: 887Member
    edited 2018-12-10
    The Revaluation Journal can be used to modify the cost of item ledger entries, provided they have positive quantities.
    More about this here:
    Kai Kowalewski
  • LewisTiogaLewisTioga Posts: 40Member
    Thank you but the Item isn't appearing when I Calculate for that Item No.
  • golfergolfer Posts: 72Member
    Using Calculate only relates to transactions with a remaining qty. If you have zero remaining qty you can enter the Item No. manually on the journal line, and then pick the transaction to be revalued in the "Applies-to Entry"
  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 142Member
    Hi, LewisTioga

    I think you need to tell us why the Cost amount is zero, and what kind of cost you want to assign to.
    I can see those two purchase receipt have not invoiced yet, so just set the direct cost in purchase order and post invoice, or create a purchase invoice and get these two receipt lines and post.

    Using Revaluation Journal is a way to update the cost, but it will not change the Account Payable, maybe not suitable for you.
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