Getting the First Date of a Shortage

Hi I am new to Nav.

I need to run a report that shows me what date and SO we will be short for an Item.

example for the item listed below I need to get the date 11/21/2018 and the SO SO100306.
Item No Date SO QTY Inv after Order
F100314S 10/26/2018 SO100296 420 628
11/16/2018 SO100307 420 208
11/21/2018 SO100306 420 -212
11/23/2018 SO100308 420 -632

Can anyone give me some advise?

Thank you

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  • CarolynSasserCarolynSasser Posts: 2Member
    Thank you for the help. I actually had to place it on Sales Lines - OnAfterGetRecord() as It wasn't assosiating with the correct item. I also has to add a sort on the Shipment Date as I needed to know what shipment date the item was going to be short.

    That being said, you code was great in solving the problem.
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