OnEditExcel Publisher

mcoscasmcoscas Member Posts: 30
Hi everybody,

is someone knows what is the goal of the publisher "OnEditExcel" in the codeunit 1 and how to use it ?



  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 322
    Perhaps if you tell us what you are trying to achieve we could help.

    Excel related functions can be found in T370 excel buffer. it has plenty of functions already built so you can fill table, then open excel, etc..
  • mcoscasmcoscas Member Posts: 30
    I want to know what are the users that frequently export to excel, how many rows they are exporting and so on...

  • mcoscasmcoscas Member Posts: 30
    not just to know. we want to limit the number of exported rows because of the high CPU consuming on the server.
    That's why we want to know who are the users and how many lines they export in order to limit to an exported number of rows acceptable by all.
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