External DLL with Amd64 (not MSIL) processor architecture

lubostlubost Posts: 552Member
I have to call function in external DLL which is displayed with Amd64 processor architecture. Development environment "could not load type xxxxx ...". tried to pack the DLL into wrapper written in Visual Studio - warning about mismatch between AnyCPU and Amd64 and wrapper could not be loaded anyway.
Is the way to solve problem?


  • BlackTigerBlackTiger Posts: 1,227Member
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    Where are you trying to use this library? On the client side or server? NAV client is 32bit application.
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  • lubostlubost Posts: 552Member
    This is no question because dll can not be loaded as variable during development time. Decision to use on server/client side can not be done and it would be preferrable cient side.
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