How to create line No ?

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Hey ! Actually I'm new learner in dynamic nav Actually i created two tables and in Pages One cardpage and Listpage, And My Line Number Auto increment Is working in table when i Run, But Not working In CardPage When i do Run. So kindly help me up Guys.! :)


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    If anyone Knows Kindly let me know!It would be Helpful :)
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    Use Autosplitkey propertities in Page level
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    Didn't work ! i used that properties..!
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    In NAV, you can use Autosplitkey property for this purpose. But when you use that property the values are incremented for 1. This is practice mostly for ledger tables where Entry No. is the key. In your case if this is the Line table where Line No is one of the keys, you should use function or insert the code OnInsert trigger on your table:

    global var Record YourTable
    global var Integer LineNo

    function GetLineNo
    -return value Integer


    LOCAL GetLineNo:Return Integer
    LineNo := YourTable."Line No." + 10000
    LineNo := 10000;

    EXIT("Line No.");

    I hope this can help you. But before continue to develop in NAV, please read some books. Here it is one example:
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    @acex I think you've mistaken AutoIncrement with AutoSplitKey

    @sai_123 AutoSplitKey is the property to be used, but it only works when the integer field you want to be auto-numbered is a part of a primary key on a table, and only when the integer field is the last one in the PK definition. If this is not the case you need to add some code to handle this.
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