How can I add drop-down list to filter field on the report?

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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure anyone has asked this question or not. I've tried to search but still not found the solution.

I created a report by used Bin to be DataItem then I set "Location Code" and "Code" to be ReqFilterFields. while I running the report in request page the field Code does not show drop-down list (please see the image below).


How can I do to display drop-down list to Code field?

Thank you.

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  • wolfskinwolfskin Member Posts: 82

    you need to add a new Code Variable, which you place on the Request Page.
    Then on the Request Page you have to set the Table Relation, which should point to Bin table.

    After that you have to use that Code Variable on PreDataItem trigger in order to filter the Bin table.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi thomas_barbut, thank you for your suggestion but the variable cannot support in case of user would like to choose multiple values such as A|B or A..Z

    I noticed that the table that have one key can display drop-down list such as Item, Vendor, Customer, ect. but the table that contains more than one key like Bin, Product Group , ect. They cannot display the drop-down list on the second key. What did I do wrong? Is it possible?

  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 565
    Use relation as Thomas suggest. Code is in primary key, so NAV will allow to define relation to it.
  • thomas_barbutthomas_barbut Member Posts: 19

    vaprog has a good point. I would certainly give it a try.
    best regards,
    Thomas Barbut
  • wolfskinwolfskin Member Posts: 82
    Thank you everyone for the suggestions, I will do these solutions to my program.

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