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I am trying to add a fasttab called Gift Messageto page 42 with one control in it that is a textbox with multiline = true. I would like the height of the control to be more than just one line as you can see in the picture. I have put the same textbox on another page by itself in it takes up many lines. Any thoughts on how to make the height span 3 or 4 rows?
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  • Peter+is1Peter+is1 Posts: 174Member

    you could create 3 or 4 empty fields after the multiline and set RowSpan to 3 or 4.
    This would give you a half width textbox with some kind of line numbers :)

    Would this work for you?

    Good luck.
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  • abz_tecmanabz_tecman Posts: 27Member
    Please check the standard work description field on sales order page 42. I think you will be pretty much limited to what Microsoft have done there with this field.
  • ACaignieACaignie Posts: 67Member
    A Multi-line textbox seems to take up the place that is available, which is only one line in your print-screen. If you collapse several fasttabs it should grow.
    If you always want it to have multiple lines you could create 2 groups in your gift message fasttab to split the fields into 2 columns, and add some empty field lines to the second group. NAV will reserve space for these empty fields but won't show anything.
  • oetijr02oetijr02 Posts: 4Member
    @ACaignie your solution worked for me. Thank you!
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