How to get data with primary key from other table in NAVISION

sandysatriyasandysatriya Posts: 6Member
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I wanna get data Bank Account Name from Bank Account table (270) in my Report Payment Voucher. How I get that values ?


Picture above is the data I want to get.

I have code...
IF R_BankAccount.GET("Gen. Journal Line"."Account No.") THEN
  BankAccount := R_BankAccount.Name;

Note : R_BankAccount is Record Lookup To Bank Account table (270), And BankAccount is Text Variable.

That cannot work.


  • AluanAluan Posts: 24Member
    Hello sandysatriya,

    the above example should work.
    Where do you use this code?
  • sandysatriyasandysatriya Posts: 6Member
    Thanks Aluan for reply, This case already solved...
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