NAV 2018 and Power BI

Hello, i'm trying to connect from the Power BI desktop application to a NAV 2018 instance. So far it seems like this should be possible but I can't get it to work and can't find a working example online to help me figure it out.

We have NAV 2018 installed on an in-house server and Power BI running on my local system.

As far as I can tell I should be able to select the Dynamics NAV online service:

After selecting the source I should enter the value found in the webservice table in NAV in the URL for OData field as described in the image below and click "OK".

In the following screen I should then enter my user name as registered in NAV and my webservice access key.

When trying to connect an error occurs stating the references can't be verified. I've tried entering my username in various ways to try and make the connection but nothing seems to work.

Any help is appreciated, please let me know if/when you need more information.

Thanks in advance, Tim.


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