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I have in the web service table of nav a page called SFContactOut where it has defined all fields that are sent from NAV to SalesForce.

Im trying to add a new field that i've created called GUN2. When i compile the object it keeps showing this error:

"The property 'GUN2' does not exist on type 'SamecaIntegration.NAVSAMECA.SFContactOUT'. Make sure to only use property names that are defined by the type"

And the integration of NAV-> to SF or vice-versa fails. My SalesForce partner when updates the webservice , the new field also does not appears.

What am i missing here?

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    Also we have an internal software developed in C# that uses webservices OData and SOAP. On that software we can read the new variable that i inserted on that page of NAV.

    Not understanding if i have to do anything more so that my SalesForce partner can add that field .


  • RikarddoRikarddo Posts: 48Member
    It was a problem of my Salesforce partner. got it working.
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