Visible TextBox or Label condition

I have a boolean who is called Print.
I need if the boolean is true to print a text, who is always the same. I just need to print him ONLY when the bool is ticked/true.


  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Posts: 89Member
    What do you need printed? A section on a report, or a separate report?
    Where is the Boolean defined?
  • VeselinVeselin Posts: 14Member
    It's done. Thanks anyway!
    I make:
    1. Table: New field Boolean.
    2. Form: Added the Boolean.
    3. Report -> C/AL Globals -> Variables -> Print.
    4. Report -> C/AL Globals -> Text Constant -> Text that I must print.
    5. Report -> C/AL Editor: If statement is that Boolean is true/false. If true, Variable Print = Text Constant.
    6. Report -> Section designer make a TextBox with SourceExpr = Variable Print.
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