Let User select which fields to export with XMLPort

jbeckerjbecker Posts: 3Member

Is it somehow possible that a user can choose which fields of a table a XMLPORT exports?

For example I have a XMLPort which contains all fields of customer table. Now when the user starts the XMLPort there should be the possibility to select particular fields to Export.

My idea was to build a subpage based on table 2000000041 (Field) (and filtered on Tableno. 18) with a Boolean variable to mark a particular field.

That subpage would be embedded in the Request Page of the XMLPort. But how can I tell the XMLPORT that it only shall Export the marked fields?

Or do you have an other idea to make it possible to select the desired fields?


  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 141Member

    I really doubt whether it is possible in standard NAV.
    But if you want to export CSV file, you can always create a report object to write CSV file manually based on the user's fields selection.
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