SUM(field * field)

jhanvincent14jhanvincent14 Posts: 196Member
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Hello good day, I'm having a problem with SSRS expressions. see attched photos for reference. I don't know why 1.png gives a the right value and the other one is #Error

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  • basic0220basic0220 Posts: 37Member
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    I suggest you put the result of these two values in a variable through your code.

    make that variable a column under your DataItem and then try putting a SUM Function in the result variable in the expressions.

    tell me if this works. :smile:

  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 878Member
    First one seems to be a direct field and second one the variables. May be code flaw somewhere, try once taking this expression in a third variable and then put and check.
  • jhanvincent14jhanvincent14 Posts: 196Member
    thanks all for your reply. specially to you @BlackTiger . it works :)
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